Funimal Phonics

1-3 years

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Funimal Phonics is a simple-to-use app for parents who are looking to give their children an early start on reading skills. With the use of flashcards, the app provides both visual and audio cues to teach kids how to properly pronounce letter sounds.

The app offers both US and UK English accents as options within the app which can be adjusted within the settings. 

The UK phonics in this app are synthetic phonics as endorsed by the UK government. Synthetic phonics break the sound of a letter into its smallest sound called a phoneme so an 'f' is pronounced 'fff'. This is regarded as the best way for a young child to learn how letters sound as it helps them to blend letters together correctly to create words. It will help prepare them for the teaching they'll receive in a pre-school class, reception and first years of primary school.

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