Jazzy World Tour - Musical Journey for Kids

4-7 years

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A musical journey around 7 countries. Learn the cultures the countries and different instruments in the process. 

Join our two kittens on a magical journey as they travel the world in a hot air balloon. Visit Ireland, Japan, Spain, India and more, as we explore each country's unique music and culture. 

Play the different musical instruments with interactive fun pages filled with entertaining sounds and vivid illustrations. From the sandy pyramids of Egypt to the wildlife of Kenya, Jazzy World Tour is an adventure that is sure to broaden your child's horizon. 

Helps With 
Geography, understanding the world, cultures, Flags, Music, Instruments, Countries 
The Good Stuff 

Great educational content, easy to use, The travel book is a nice feature
The Bad Stuff 
Could do with more info, more interaction and more countries - but what is there is still great
  • even more countries - Ireland and Japan, amongst the 7 originals
  • Create your own amazing videos and photos. Save them in the travel book or share your creations 
  • Your kids will learn smart facts about musical instruments, animals and culture from around the globe.
  • Even parents will learn a thing or two about the different countries presented.
  • Quality audio samples and music, recorded by professional musicians.

There is a Lite Version to this app. 

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Alex Bogdanovski

Great for a little geography fun ... need more countries though

4 years ago