Pride and Prejudice Jane Austen

6-9 years

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Free for a short time normal price will resume soon. A cool modern take on the classic tale, one of the Pablo Palazzi collection. Seeing the book as a series of Movie trailers section is particulary cool 

Helps With 

Intro to Literature, Reading, Comprehension and Understanding Personal Motivation 

The Good Stuff

Innovative way to introduce kids to a classic, engaging

The Bad Stuff

If you're expecting the litterary full monty you may be dissappointed 


Jane Austen's most popular novel as you've never read it or even seen it: let yourself be carried away into a nineteenth-century atmosphere where a spirited young woman copes with the suit of a snobbish gentleman, as well as the romantic entanglements of her four 


  • - Original illustrations edited as movie trailers
  • - Soundtrack
  • - Interactivity: answer to questions while reading the book,  check the correct answers or go back to reading specific pages once more 
  • - Clues to be unlocked: reveal in-deep analysis pages and extras by unlocking clues while reading 
  • - Illustrations and description of all Characters 
  • - Illustrations and descriptions of main Themes
  • - Audiobook notes introducing and opening each chapter 

About Pride and Prejudice

The carefully controlled and chess-like movements of polite society often conceal passionate hearts, keen minds, and rebellious wills. High-spirited Elizabeth Bennet attempts to stay true to her ideals while her meddlesome mother schemes to get all five Bennet sisters married and to secure their family's fate at all costs. Can a girl who refuses to abandon her independent and scrutinising ways find true love and a faithful heart? 

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