The Swamp Where Gator Hides

6-8 years

  •  3.5

Want to learn about the swamp and the animals that live in it. The app will tell you the story of the swamp, but beware Gator lives there.. lurking. 

The Animals will be revealed one by one beneath the algae of the swamp untill finally ... it's gators turn. 

Helps With 

Animals, early Biology, Reading 

The Good Stuff

Educational and interesting, original looking too. 

The Bad Stuff 

It might be a little complex for younger kids, and the interesting style may prove too much for kids that are used to simpler apps. 


  • Touch the animals and watch them do distinctive true-to-life actions.
  • When gator lunges for his target animal, choose whether he will be successful in getting his lunch or the animal will be successful in escaping.
  • Save the animals! Play the speed game to help the animals escape gator’s lunging jaws.
  • All information is scientifically accurate. The author gives simple but accurate background information about swamps and each animal featured.

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al Boden

my little snapper loves anything toothy - good little app but he was more interested in the croc

3 years ago